Overwatch – D.va

Well, after the nerf, I’ve been looking into how to play D.va a bit differently on Overwatch, but now, I do have a final verdict on how to play her effectively:

  1. Instead of being the flanker, she’s now an anti-flanker, keeping both Supports alive as long as possible.
  2. Her Defense Matrix can help supports or any DPS that stays within the group from receiving damage from any oncoming attack by D.va standing right behind them and raising her Defense Matrix.

However, the days of D.va being the main tank instead of Reinhardt is no more. If you decide that D.va and Zarya combination is good, that’s fine, but someone would have to pick up the slack and pick up a third tank to fill in as a front line wall against any oncoming attack. 90% of the time or even more, I would swap from D.va to Reinhardt, because we don’t have that wall that would prevent us from dying.

Anyway, feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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