Overwatch – Analysis of Bronze Rank – Solo Queue’d

Well, this one was quite a pickle to figure out but when you’re constantly in Bronze, you’ll have plenty of games to analyze through this, and some of these games, they’re just…a bit lackluster, it isn’t even funny. Here’s a few points to analyze:

  • Bronze Rank isn’t what you think between Silver, Gold, Platinum, or even Diamond for that matter. Some of these players within this rank are stuck there due to bad team composition and getting stuck with public queues all the time. This can also occur between 2 people groups all the way up to 5 people groups. Once a player decides to derank and annoy all allies with just playing away from keyboard and rejoining or just setting up a teleporter to send allies off the cliff.
  • Within Oversumo, a mobile app that can analyze your stats, I’ve been gradually checking it every so often. Oversumo Daily or Weekly Analysis says I should be mid-Gold to low-Platinum, yet I’m stuck in Bronze, because of queueing with bad teammates.
  • Before I installed a GTX 1050 TI into my current desktop computer, I was running Overwatch at about…6 Frame-Per-Second, which made the game unplayable.
  • Within my D.va post, I was doing that analysis for days, because of how bad my teammates were, how bad the healing was, or (when I was healing) said D.va player decides to melt within 1 second while healer was helping another teammate out.

Right now, as it stands, off yesterday’s analysis on Oversumo, my ranking for each character is:

  • Symmetra – Platinum I – 13 games played
  • Mercy – Platinum I – 12 games played
  • Mei – Diamond – 6 games played
  • Reinhardt – Silver – 2 games played
  • D.va – Platinum IV – 2 games played
  • Lucio – Bronze – 1 game played

Anyway, if you want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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