Overwatch – Analysis of Bronze Rank – 6-Stack Queue’d

Alright, sorry for the delay. I wanted to make sure to climb out of Bronze Rank first before typing out this post. Everything about Solo Queue doesn’t apply here, because you’re with a group of friends that would pick certain aspects. The absolute thing I’ve noticed, even if you do the Counter game, and constantly counter what they dish out, is this:


As a Mercy player, I can watch my entire surroundings with the current controls I have set-up. I do not have to look at my target to heal them. When I do that, I can watch for flankers, or any sort of disruption that will make myself die. When that happens, it becomes a Domino Effect, and bottom line, my entire team gets wiped out.

For example, someone was asking me to get healed, and heading to my location, when I was facing off against a low-health Reinhardt. If I were to heal in that case, the Reinhardt would’ve charged me/Fire Strike’d me, and both of us would’ve died. Instead, I was able to escape to another teammate, and we were able to win the 2v2 match-up because both players at the time were at extremely low health.

Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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