Gaming General #1

Normally, I wouldn’t stray away from my typical update schedule, but something struck a nerve when I started gaming a bit today, and I wanted to address it as soon as I possibly could.

  • The “Superiority” Complex

On one of my streams I follow, I heard someone arrogantly state that I was wrong on several different levels about how Scarface Mansion in Payday 2 is not what I said it was. As soon as I heard that, I was extremely mad so I stated this in chat: “Are we going to continue this trolling?” after admitting I was wrong. One of the admins in chat was encouraging it a bit more, but I decided to shove it to the side and went on about the Mega Sydney mask that was given out today through e-mail on who donated to a fundraiser.

I showed it a bit on stream, but after I screwed up once, plus what happened earlier, I called it a night. I was so wound up, that I was not in the mood for playing Payday 2 tonight. This type of “Superiority” Complex is what reminded me of this video in Overwatch:

I 100% agree with what is in this video. It’s seriously time to stop the whole “Superiority” complex and have fun with the game. I also am building this blog to post helpful tips as I go through games, and you can enjoy what I find out through that. Unfortunately, I can’t record until I get my hands on a better PC, but this is a good start to what I want to achieve on my free time.

Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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