Payday 2 Map Analysis #1 – Prison Nightmare Loot

While I was doing Carry Stacker, I noticed a small trend to how each round was going. Say for instance, if you or anyone on your team decides to hold onto a bag, when you return to get Cloaker Gold, it’ll be 5 plus whatever you put into the vent, so you can have a maximum of 9 per transfer if you and your entire team decides to carry one a piece.

Now, imagine that with Carry Stacker:

  • First Round – 0+5
  • Second Round – 5+5
  • Third Round – 10+5
  • Fourth Round – 15+5

Note, I do not recommend Carry Stacker under any reason, because of this and removing certain aspects of Payday 2 that is considered part of the game. Anyway if you want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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