Borderlands 2 – Gaige Skill Set #1 – Part 3

For this section, I’ll be going through Ordered Chaos.

  • Summon Deathtrap (1/1) – (Action Skill: Press F to summon Deathtrap to fight for you. Cooldown: 60 Seconds.)
  • Ordered Chaos
    • Smaller, Lighter, Faster (4/4) – Increases your Reload Speed, but decreases your Magazine Size (Reload Speed: +24%) (Magazine Size: -4%)
    • Anarchy (1/1) – Killing an enemy or fully emptying your gun’s Magazine while in combat grants you a stack of Anarchy. Each stack of Anarchy increases Gun Damage while decreasing Accuracy. Prematurely reloading your gun causes you to lose all stacks of Anarchy. Anarchy stacks are quickly lost while in Fight for your Life. (Gun Damage: +1.75% per stack.) (Accuracy: -1.75% per stack.) (Max Anarchy Stacks: 150)
    • Preshrunk Cyberpunk (5/5) – Increases the maximum number of Anarchy stacks you can have. (Max Anarchy Stacks: +250)
    • Robot Rampage (1/1) – Deathtrap Ability. Deathtrap lashes out with a flurry of attacks.
    • Blood Soaked Shields (0/5) – Killing an enemy immediately restores a portion of your shields, but you lose a portion of your health. (Restores 20% of your shield.) (Lose 1% of your current health.)
    • Annoyed Android (0/5) – Increases the Movement Speed of Deathtrap. (Movement Speed: +7%)
    • Discord (1/1) – Prematurely reloading activates Discord, increasing Accuracy, Fire Rate, and Health Regeneration. You constantly lose Anarchy stacks while Discord is active. Discord can be deactivated by prematurely reloading again. (Fire Rate: +25%) (Accuracy: +65%) (Regenerates 3% of your Max Health / second.)
    • Typecast Iconoclast (5/5) – Whenever you gain a stack of Anarchy, there is a chance that you gain an additional stack. (30% chance of gaining an additional Anarchy stack.)
    • Rational Anarchist (1/1) – If you have 0 stacks of Anarchy, then the next time you would gain an Anarchy stack, you gain 25 instead. Get 25 Anarchy stacks for the price of 1. It’s no free lunch, but still.
    • Death from Above (2/5) – Shooting an enemy while in mid-air consumes Anarchy stacks and causes a Digi-splosion, damaging nearby enemies. (Rank 2 Damage) (Anarchy Stacks Consumed: 2)
    • The Nth Degree (5/5) – Every Nth bullet that hits an enemy will ricochet toward another nearby enemy. (N = 5)
    • With Claws (1/1) – Melee Override Skill. While you have a stack of Anarchy, press V to digistruct claws and swipe twice at an enemy, dealing damage based on the number of Anarchy stacks you currently have and restoring health. The lower your health, the more health you gain. This attack consumes an Anarchy stack. (Melee Damage: +0.6% per Anarchy stack.)

Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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