Frenzy Yakuza – Infamy 2 – Ghost – Part 1

Now, for the ECM and Body Bag skills used in this Stealth build and the stealth skills used.

  • Chameleon
    • Basic: Increases the time before you start getting detected by 25% while in casing mode. You can also mark enemies while in casing mode.
    • Ace: You can pick up items while in casing mode. You also gain 30% more value to items and cash that you pick up.
  • Cleaner
    • Basic: You gain 1 additional body bag in your inventory. Also increases the body bag inventory space to 3.
    • Ace: You gain the ability to place 2 body bag cases.
  • Sixth Sense
    • Basic: You gain the ability to automatically mark enemies within a 10 meter radius around you after standing still for 3.5 seconds while in stealth.
    • Ace: You gain access to all insider assets. Cleaning costs after killing a civilian is reduced by 75%.
  • Nimble
    • Basic: You gain the ability to disable 1 camera from detecting you and your crew. Effect lasts for 25 seconds.
    • Ace: You lockpick 100% faster. You also gain the ability to lockpick safes.
  • ECM Overdrive
    • Basic: Your ECM jammer and feedback duration is increased by 25%.
    • Ace: Your ECM jammer can now also be used to open certain electronic doors.
  • ECM Specialist
    • Basic: You can now place 2 ECM jammers instead of just one.
    • Ace: The ECM jammer duration is increased by an additional 25% and the ECM feedback duration lasts 25% longer. Pagers are delayed by the ECM jammer.

Anyway, if you want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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