Poison Rogue – Infamy 2 – Mastermind – Part 2

Next, the Controller section:

  • Forced Friendship
    • Basic: Increases your supply of cable ties by 4. You can cable tie hostages 75% faster.
    • Ace: You and your crew gain 0.5 damage absorption for each hostage you have. This effect stacks with up to a maximum of 8 hostages. Note: This skill does not stack with other players Forced Friendship skill.
  • Stockholm Syndrome
    • Basic: Civilians are intimidated by the noise you make and remain intimidated 50% longer.
    • Ace: Your hostages will not flee when they have been rescued by law enforcers. Whenever you get into custody, your hostages will trade themselves for your safe return. This effect can occur during assaults, but only 1 time during a heist.

Anyway, if you want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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