Overwatch – Competitive Season 4 – 3/9/2017 Matches


  • Current SR: 1445
  • Map: Temple of Anubis (1-0)

First win of the night was basically battle of the trolls. One troll was yelling at us for not rushing the point where we had no support against Bastion, until someone themselves swapped to Bastion. As a Mercy player and solo healer for the first round and got support partly the second round by a Lucio player, I had to make sure to stay alive long enough to keep everyone else alive. It also didn’t help that when the person was screaming, I then realized that the D.va player was trying to go for her Ultimate, killing 2 players, making it a 6 versus 4, then the Genji player ult’d and I held my Ultimate and hid behind the Control Point in case people died.

  • Current SR: 1423
  • Map: Ilios (1-3)

No one was really paying any attention to the enemy Mei, Sombra, or any flankers for that matter. One thing I learned though is that if I do pop Resurrect as Mercy, I can pistol blast in an One vs. One situation which gave me some stability. Unfortunately, I still wound up with 13 deaths which can be troublesome to keep everyone else alive, sadly.

  • Current SR: 1449
  • Map: Numbani (3-0)

Playing hog the point with D.va. Barely anyone tried to take me apart so yeah. (Gold Objective Time)

  • Current SR: 1449
  • Map: Temple of Anubis (0-0)

Symmetra battle on Defense. Neither team were able to hit the point or any good on hitting the point (as you can tell from my SR, I’m not that well versed yet, but I’ve played a few characters to a point where I’m not a burden).

  • Current SR: 1432
  • Map: Oasis (0-3)

Troll in our team so it was 5 versus 6.

  • Current SR: 1454
  • Map: Ilios (3-1)

I revealed my Attack Symmetra ways after not feeling confident with D.va midway through this. Then, I set-up a net on the last round and when they had to rush it, the turrets picked them off one by one.

  • Current SR: 1477
  • Map: Hanamura (1-0)

Used a trap as Symmetra and wired the entire Control Point in a net. Enemy Genji tried to get rid of it, but the teleporter remained safe. On the offensive side, it was more or less a dive comp to get the first control point.

Just something new to try out. I’m not going to do Comp every single day, but with this set-up, you can see from my side what happened. Anyway, if you want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


9 thoughts on “Overwatch – Competitive Season 4 – 3/9/2017 Matches

    1. It always depends on what you did last season. MMR could be different but if you have a bad streak of luck when dealing with toxic players, that’s when it gets a bit difficult. Good luck.

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