Overwatch – Competitive Season 4 – 3/11/2017 Matches


  • Current SR: 1548
  • Map: Watchpoint Gibraltar (1-1) (We had the further distance in Round 1)

Did a bit of crowd control as Mei on Offense that can counter certain enemies if they’re trying to rush you onto the point. (Example would be Bastion) On Defense, as Symmetra, I focused on getting the Shield Generator up then set-up a bunch of Turrets on the choke to the Final Point. Their Genji was focusing solely on me but he had extremely terrible aim.

  • Current SR: 1572
  • Map: Dorado (3-0)

Pretty much, I attempted to stay alive as long as humanly possible as Mercy (had only 3 deaths on both Offense and Defensive combined).

  • Current SR: 1592 *NEW SEASON HIGH*
  • Map: Nepal (3-2)

Playing a boop contest as Lucio and doing amazing as Support. Just hilarious when an enemy Rein charged into the point, I booped the charge and he charged right off the edge.

  • Current SR: 1570
  • Map: Hanamura (1-2)

Failure to switch properly when that hero wasn’t working was our downfall, sadly.

Anyway, if you want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. As a side note, I only have time to do 4 today because I do want to get some more informative posts done about Borderlands 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


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