Overwatch – 1708 SR to ???

Start Screen

Well, I felt good after work, so I decided to do one game on Competitive. Under this, I would be crucial to pick what’s going on within said game, if I made any mistakes, or if I made any progress within said game.

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Alright, with this, we had a solid idea on what Comp to run.

  • Reinhardt
  • Roadhog (Which was originally Soldier: 76, but had to swap because we only had one tank.)
  • McCree
  • Junkrat (Which was a bit questionable, but it was on Defense.)
  • Lucio
  • Mercy

What was the worry with this comp? With just McCree trying to take out Pharah (because it’s not a definate Hitscan hero, because there’s a minimum distance to hit the target) or dealing enough DPS to make up for Junkrat lobbing explosives and getting lucky with who gets hit by the explosive.


There’s something wrong extremely wrong with this. Why is Reinhardt over there? He said over Voice Communications that he wanted to charge someone to get an early pick off. The problem with this is that he’s a tank with a Shield that can protect his entire team from dying.

The end result:


Their Widowmaker picked off both Junkrat and McCree while our Reinhardt charged and took out their Zenyatta. It easily became 5 versus 4, and the enemy team wiped us out. The enemy team captured Point A.


Within this screenshot, our Reinhardt decided to rush the enemy team without his team behind him. Once we followed him, he died, and it became a trickling effect. I don’t remember if I popped Resurrect or if I died before doing so, because I had to make sure both tanks were up within that time.

Regardless, end result:


They were able to capture two thirds of Point B. Since our spawn is right next to Capture Point B, it’s easily stacked in the Defender’s favor. Also, the Roadhog in our team notices that I was playing a bit defensively because Pharah was trying to pick me off if I moved an inch out in the open.


  • Healing per Death Average: 1,135.2
  • Resurrects: 3

If I would’ve stayed more around open areas with a Pharah blasting me on sight, my deaths would’ve been up. One thing I noticed is that our McCree did swap to Soldier: 76 because of their Pharah being a problem for our team.

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  • D.va
  • Winston to Reinhardt
  • Reaper (Which becomes Genji to counter Bastion at Capture Point B)
  • Soldier: 76
  • Lucio
  • Mercy

We mostly stayed the same team composition except our Roadhog became Reaper and our Junkrat became D.va. It was more or less a Dive Composition…which got wiped out by them expecting a Dive Composition at the start. We could’ve swapped sooner to grab more crowd control character instead of keeping the same two tanks for the first two minutes of the match, because our current Dive Composition wasn’t working well.

Regardless, after the change:


We were able to capture Point A, which forced it to a 1-1. Only thing that the defenders could wish for is a Draw. That’s why they did set-up a Bastion at Point B and attempted to force it into a Draw.


They were unsuccessful to hold the point after we wiped them out. Within this, I moved, hid underneath the bridge, and tempo’d Resurrected. We won 2-1.


  • Healing per Death average: 1,330.9
  • Players Resurrected: 10

Overall, I did pretty good. With how many deaths I had, it’s understandable where I died at, but at the same time, I could improve on staying alive more, because it burns precious seconds and keeps me away from the others.

My ending SR for this round is:


Anyway, if you guys want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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