Overwatch – Competitive Season 4 – Solo-Healing or Solo Player

One thing I’ve noticed while solo queue in Competitive is that the One-Trick Pony exists well within Competitive. One game, I decided to do Lucio for one round and got close to 6 minutes objective time on Lucio, but one player on our team wanted Lucio back.


  1. You swap and do immensely better on Lucio, yet they want to stick with using Lucio more, but the entire round crumbles (Note, that this was the third round of Lijiang Tower, so it became a defeat after we lost 2 to the same team composition).
  2. One-Trick Ponies exist throughout Competitive and it’s not going to change.

Instead of continuing in Season 4, I might do a Character breakdown of what I do in each instance, because going in blindly as is, I might not even go back up in SR, but decrease back to where I was originally when I placed in Season 3.

Unless I’m grouped with friends, that’s what I mainly would do. Anyway, if you guys want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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