Overwatch – Mercy – Hanamura – Point A – Defense – Part 1

In this segment, I’ll show you guys where I typically hide within Hanamura. It goes with the set-up, as per usual, because if you don’t adapt to what your team has, then you won’t be able to heal your team back-up in time before they die, when you don’t have Resurrect available.


Just to note, this is the building that’s right next to the gate, which is a choke point to defend in Hanamura. In this area, I can heal up either tank heroes or DPS heroes from this position. If I go through here:


I can get behind my own team and heal people that are away from the doorway, but also set-up for the next part. If say for instance, your team gets driven from the choke to Control Point A, you can move from the building to the left of the choke point to here:


If I take a right, and take this path, I’ll be heading into the building on the left of this picture. If I stay on the first floor, I can walk through and head to Control Point A, and use the building as cover against oncoming attacks.


This is where, it’s basically all or nothing. You have to heal your team while in a Brawl set-up. You also have to make sure to not die, and if you get Resurrect, use it.

Anyway, if you guys have any questions, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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