Overwatch – Mercy – Hanamura – Point A – Defense – Part 2

There’s always a few questions dealing with Team Composition that people tend to look towards:

  • Do we have a Bastion where Mercy can pocket heal him?
  • Do we have a set-up on the high ground in Point A, so if the tanks need to be healed, Mercy can jump down and heal them up for a bit, then Mercy can return to buff any ally’s damage against the enemy team?
  • Do we have some sort of plan to avoid being hit by Junkrat? If so, refer to here, because Junkrat can lob bombs through the hole in the wall against any Torbjorn Turret or Bastion set-up on the high ground.

If you do wish to set-up on the high ground as a Mercy, hide behind the building on that ledge.


If you back up, you’ll have cover from oncoming attacks from Junkrat, Pharah, or Widowmaker. Same idea applies to Part 1, where if you use the building as cover, you won’t die as often, and your survival ability goes up tremendously. Same instance, if you fly with Pharah, for the Pharmacy combo, you always have to make sure to stay out of line of sight, because a good Soldier: 76, McCree, or Widowmaker can shoot you down from the sky.

Regardless, if your point is under attack, you can go through the building that you’re in to the left side of Control Point A.


If you make a right, you’ll have a clear view of Control Point A, where if someone needs healing or if you need to pop Resurrect, that’s where you can do so.


Anyway, if you succeed in making sure the enemy team doesn’t take Point A, congrats. If not…then the battle extends into capturing Control Point B.

Anyway, if you guys want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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