Overwatch – Mercy – Resurrect – Part 1

Normally, I don’t skip over Map Points, but this one kinda hurt the last few days. When do you Resurrect?

  • Your Reinhardt charges and dies. Our team rushes the point with our main tank down. What do you do?
    • A) Keep Resurrect and your entire team dies spread out across the area, leaving only yourself, and within 3 seconds of dying yourself.
    • B) Pop Resurrect to bring our Reinhardt back making it an even 6 on 6 fight. Even if we lose, we’re able to hold it for a duration for me to gain charge to get another Resurrect going.

I think of Resurrect as a reset button, which you can use after they burned through several ultimates. If your team is going in one at a time, that’s a bad sign, because it’s basically 1 versus 6, and now we became a man down because of it, which makes the next fight, extremely harder if we don’t wait for the person to come back. When the person dies, and we wait, it eats the clock away and leaves us with less time to either move the payload or capture the point.

Anyway, if you guys want, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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